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NAMASTE is ALMOST HERE! PRE-ORDER YOURS TODAY!In what may appear to be the longest warm-up in history to an official release date, May 20th is getting nearer and nearer. Here’s how you can pre-order your copy with a guarantee of its arrival on or before the release date. Domestic (United States) orders are $15 dollars (NO SHIPPING CHARGE!). International orders are $22.50. T-SHIRTS are also available! $15 dollars (NO SHIPPING CHARGE!). International orders are $22.50. Here’s how you can order. You can use PayPal to send the money to tommywomack@bellsouth.net, or you can send the money by check or money order to Tommy Womack, PO Box 41954, Nashville, TN 37204 USA. And another final way is to use the same GoFundMe campaign I used to raise the money to finance making the record itself in the first place.

The official record release parties will be at The Basement in Nashville May 20th and my band is stellar: Brad Jones (NAMASTE’s producer) on bass, Ross Rice on keys, Adam Fluher on lead guitar, Justin Amaral on drums, and the incomparable Lisa Oliver Gray on vocals.

The next night, May 21st, I’ll be in my hometown of Madisonville, KY, playing the Green Dragon (http://thecrowdedhouse.co,) with native Clint Combs on drums and none other than my stellar talented son, Nathan Womack; the first full gig that we’ve ever played together. And if you couldn’t guess, I’m psyched about that. I even think he’s excited too, although he’s so taciturn, it’s hard to tell. But boy can he play that guitar.

I hope you’re doing well. I can’t complain. I’m excited about the record coming out. Radio and press promotion will begin in June, and I appreciate your good wishes to make this record a success. Please check out the gigs pages to see where I’m coming to your neck of the woods and be on the lookout for more dates to soon be added to the gigs page. Have a good day and God Bless You and don’t let the bastards get you down.

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TAKING PRE-ORDERS FOR “NAMASTE!” Guaranteed delivery on or before the official release date of May 20th. $20 U.S orders. $27.50 international orders. FREE SHIPPING!! Use this GoFundMe link, or PayPal me at tommywomack@bellsouth.net, or send check or money order to PO Box 41954. Thanks in advance for your support!!

Help Tommy Release a Record!


Hi Friend, I hope you’re doing well as you read this. I’m at the Westin Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri for the Folk Alliance convention. Hundreds of folkies, singer-songwriters, booking agents, record labels, club owners, managers, you name it. If there’s a type of player in the industry related to the genre, somebody’s here representing.

It’s a really interesting phenomenon. Downstairs in the conference rooms, official showcases are played by the lucky artists who have been invited to do so (including me), and upstairs, folkies have taken over several entire floors (!) and that’s where the private showcases are held. Occupants of the rooms will host performers from 2 in the afternoon through to 2 in the morning. It’s insane. There’s a lot of pressing the flesh and trading records, schmoozing and (if you choose) boozing. It’s a lot of fun. The last time I did this fest, I WAS boozing, so I’m interested to see how things go when I can remember what I did.

I’m playing four or five times over the course of the convention, and I look forward to meeting a lot of people. For the first time, I’m staying in the same hotel that the convention is in. No Motel 6 across town for Tommy this time. I’m too old for that. I can hop onto an elevator with my guitar (no bulky coat!) while wearing my slippers and go straight to wherever I want to go without worrying where to park or forking over for a cabbie or Uber. It ain’t cheap sleeping here, but it’s convenient. Nice digs too. Flat screen TV, in-room coffee maker, my iPad with external stereo speakers to feed my current Oasis binge, (I’m probably the only person in the hotel who’s playing “Roll With It” and “Champagne Supernova” repeatedly), and just general comfortable vibe.

The fundraiser campaign for my upcoming record NAMASTE goes on. The release date has been changed to FRIDAY, MAY 20th, but contributors are getting their copies NOW (plus T-shirts, personalized songs written to order, handwritten lyrics suitable for framing, whatever you order). So if you check it out, I’m much obliged. Click here for more information.

There are shows next week in Muscle Shoals and Birmingham, AL, and the week after that in my hometown of Madisonville, KY. I hope you can make it out to one. In the meantime, think globally, act folky.

God bless,



Greetings people of Earth. That there’s the headline. My new album NAMASTE will hit the streets Tuesday May 24th. BUT!!!… if you want your copy MUCH SOONER than that, just contribute to my fundraiser campaign. Click here or copy-paste this link in your browser: https://www.gofundme.com/yr76j7gg …. and when I say you can get the record very soon, I mean conceivably this month, within a few weeks. I expect copies to ship to me in a matter of weeks or even days.

The reason for pushing back the release date is that I have put together a killer promo team, but they all can’t coordinate until April, and they want some lead time before the record drops. So there you go. Am I feeling impatient for May to come? Actually no. A joy of being 53 is that I just don’t get as het up about this sort of thing as I did in my 20s. I tell ya, I had a couple of releases delayed back then and the frustration and anticipation would drive me out of my tiny little mind. Now, not so much. The way I see it, I’ve waited four years for a new solo record, so what’s two more months? Okay, three more months. But who’s counting?

I’m a storyteller tonight. I’m participating in a neat show tonight. It’s the premier of a new storyteller series put on by our daily Nashville newspaper, The Tennessean. I’m one of five storytellers who will spend 10 minutes a piece spinning yarns with a theme being our love of Nashville. Click on the like up at the top of this paragraph to learn more.

Folk Alliance is next week. I and about 1000 other singer songwriters and folkies and business folks will descend on the Winden Hotel in Kansas City, MO and play showcases and in hotel rooms, and we’ll press the flesh and hand out business cards, and in essence hold a four-day hootenanny. It’ll be fun and I’ll come home charged up enough to make it through the rest of the late-Winter doldrums that always affect how much touring and career activity is done.

So that’s all the news that is news. Look for gigs later this month in Muscle Shoals and Birmingham. As Casey Kasem used to say, keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars. Cheers, Tommy


A cold snowy greeting to you wherever you are. Maybe it’s warm where you live, or maybe you’re really socked in, with two feet (or more) of the white stuff. It’s supposed to creep back into the 50s in Nashville today, so we’re lucky compared to those poor souls on the upper east coast of these United States.


So far I’ve gone all of 2016 without saying anything political. But I was at the Tool/Primus concert at the Bridgestone Arena this past Saturday night and I’ll take a cue from Tool’s lead singer Maynard James Keenan. As he said, the only reasonable choices for candidates in 2016 are David Bowie and Lemmy. For now, I’ll go with that; but I reserve the right to start shooting my mouth off at some point in the future when I can’t take it anymore. (And that may be next week!)


Speaking of next week, I’m excited to go back to Huntsville, Alabama. Thursday February 4th I’ll be at Humphrey’s at 103 Washington St. NW. The puck drops at 8 PM, approximately, or so I’ve been told.


Saturday February 6th I’ll be part of the Nashville Flipside show at the Douglas Corner at 2106 8th Avenue South. It’s a writers in-the-round show featuring me, Chris Gantry, David Olney and Peter Cooper.


Now here’s a show that’s different and looks to be a lot of fun. Monday February 8th I will be part of the Nashville Storytellers night, brought to you by the Tennessean, Nashville’s daily newspaper. It will be at The Bistro in the Emma building, 9 Lea Ave, just off Hemitage Ave in SoBro. As the Tennessean puts it, “Nashville Storytellers will begin its series with a diverse set of speakers with an array of experiences and one mutual affection – Nashville.” The night will feature stories told by: Manheet Chauhan of Food Network, Jason Michaels (a magician with Tourette’s – like me!), Jim Myers (the Tennessean food columnist), and from the Thistle Farms program (a great foundation getting women off the street) Anika Rogers and Rev. Bekka Stevens. The Tennessean’s Brad Schmidt will be the master of ceremonies. Doors are at 6, and the storytelling begins at 7.


My fundraiser for my upcoming new record NAMASTE is ongoing. Thank you all who have donated. If you’d like to help me out, click here. I’m looking forward to the Folk Alliance convention coming up later in February, and making it quite the Alabama month with upcoming shows in Muscle Shoals and Birmingham. And that’s all the news that is news. Go out and make it a good day. I’m in your corner!





Hello from wintry Nashville, Tennessee. We’re getting our first snow of the season. We’re wimps about it here. Things shut down. Nevertheless, I’m playing tonight (1-20-16) at 6 PM at the Five Spot with the legendary JASON RINGENBERG of Jason & the Scorchers. Jason grew up in northern Illinois. Snow and ice doesn’t scare him. I grew up in Kentucky, so it does scare me a little, but I recently got a cool pair of L.L. Bean snow sneakers and I’ve wanted to try them out, so today is the day!


I had a great time at the 30A Songwriters Festival this past weekend. No snow in Florida for sure, but it was certainly jacket weather. The people who have heard NAMASTE so far are seemingly all in agreement that it’s a good one. My NAMASTE FUNDRAISER is ongoing, and I’m inching closer to my goal of $15,000. If you haven’t given yet, I hope you’ll consider doing so, best as you are able. There are different levels of giving, with options to get T-shirts, books, or even a free concert wherever you live in the lower 48 states. All you do is book the venue and get a PA system; I’ll take care of the rest.


My mind is blown. Scott Weiland, then Lemmy, then David Bowie, then Glenn Frey, drummers for CSN and Mott the Hoople, Alan Rickman, etc. etc. etc. It makes a guy want to walk the streets saying, “I love you!” to everybody you pass by. Our days are numbered, no matter who we are. There are other less famous people I know who are struggling with health issues, and as sad as it is, I guess it’s part of being a 53-year-old human being. Mortality touches you. That said, I hope you’re enjoying robust health, and I hope you don’t bust your ass on the icy front porch of your house. I’m going to post this and then go back to one of my pet projects this week, learning the electric guitar part of “Waterloo Sunset.” I don’t want my obit to read “He always meant to learn ‘Waterloo Sunset’ but he never got around to it.” What is YOUR “Waterloo Sunset” today? Find it, do it. Don’t let the bastards get you down. Have a rocking day and be safe. Love, Tommy


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“I Almost Died” from the upcoming record, NAMASTE

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