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August 26, 2014

I’m a little depressed, so I’m going to write it out of my system. I wish Robin Williams had done that. Henry Rollins just talked from his mouth out and got a snoot full of invective, and I’m about to top him. No, not really, just joshing.

         There’s absolutely nothing really wrong in my life except being constantly broke, and lots of people deal with that. I have no reason to be depressed except that I need a good long night’s worth of sleep. Ever since I lost my spleen, I need my sleep or I’m just not right. I start catastrophizing and I disappear into my own head, which is an entertaining place but there’s a lot of broken glass on the floor. Saturday night was a blast. Sunday I had a crap-load of stuff to do. Monday, which is still today out here on the west coast, was spent entirely in airports and inside aluminum tubes hurtling unnaturally above the ground. Not a lot of rest lately. All that wears my 51-year-old butt down.

         Government Cheese was a ball of fire Saturday night. We were on. Super on. We’re middle-aged men now, but I’ll stack up Saturday night against anything we ever pulled off back in the speed, weed and beer days. I remember every note I played too, and I played some good ones. I’ve been practicing my guitar more this past six months than I have in decades, and it’s showing. I’m getting chops back that were on dusty shelves far away from my hands. It feels really good. My son played with us on “Fish Stick Day”, Reggie Las Vegas danced around onstage in a chicken suit during “People Who Died”. Where else do you get that? (I loved having my son up there. My son. I’ve got a son. There was a time I vowed I would never let another me into this world. Like Kay Corleone.) The thing I really get a kick out of in addition to all that, is that Government Cheese is really something now. It took breaking up for 20 years to do it, but people know who we are now. We have respect we didn’t really have back in the day, except in pockets here and there. We’re bigger than we ever were before. And we all like each other. (Now.) I always wanted to be in a successful band playing good rock and roll, and now, at this age, to an extent, I have that. That is all very good stuff. I am blessed.

         I’m in Arizona now, in a seriously cool ranch house, and a really boss king-sized bed, for three days of ghostwriting with a successful entrepreneur who wants to tell his story and give pointers to how he got to where he’s at, so other people can do it too. That’s a cool thing. So I wear the writer’s hat too. I have my columnin The East Nashvillian magazine and I haven’t written anything there in a year or more that’s pissed anybody off, so that is good. Government Cheese goes in the studio in two weeks with Brad Jones producing, and I have difficulty believing that we won’t make by far the best record we ever made. Then, when this ghostwriting is put to bed and the Cheese record is in the manufacturing process, I can go back to the third draft of my memoir. I came up with a better beginning that grabs you more. I think it will be worth the wait.

         So, you see, I have nothing to be depressed about. My wife both loves and likes me. The dog likes me, the cats don’t care and I never liked cats much anyway, and my son’s not breaking into cars for meth money. In fact, he’s a helluva drummer for his age, and shredding on his own Ibanez guitar with a new Floyd Rose tremolo bridge put on it. (Thanks Viva.) He’s about saved up enough money to get a tube-driven 15-watt 1 x 12 Marshall combo amp that he has his heart set on. Then he will rock like an ape, and I can get my Fender Deluxe back. I bought him a Rat pedal back in the spring and he won’t need it once he has that Marshall monster because it has channel-switching between rhythm and lead, and has a half-power switch that will enable him to get super creamy without blowing the windows out. To the lay people, this is all gobbledygook, but to us gear-heads, this is porn what I’m talking about here.

         And I have my radio show on Fridays on, and the Monday Morning Cup of Coffee series, so even if there’s not a gig this week, I still have opportunities to say, hey, dig me! And I always like saying, dig me! (At least I’m honest about it.)

         Well, I feel better now. Internet’s crappy upstairs in these otherwise posh digs, so I’ll go downstairs and post this in the morning. I hope you’re having a good day and enjoyed reading this. You’re probably a good friend of mine. If not, would you like to be? They say a good friend is hard to find. Balderdash. They’re all over the place.

         Oh, and I’m doing another webcast concert this Sunday the 31st on 8 PM Central. Lisa Oliver Gray will be joining me. Just like last time. We had such fun that we have to do it again.

         God bless and don’t let the bastards get you down.


         8/26/14 12:33PDT


Greetings! In respect to your valuable time, here I am again being succinct.

Tonight is my first ever WEBCAST CONCERT. Click on this link or copy-paste it into your browser, then watch me, and LISA OLIVER GRAY, TONIGHT (THURSDAY) at 7:30 PM American Central Time. It’ll be hella fun, there will be discount album downloads offered, and you’ll have your chance to purchase the handwritten lyrics of your choice, all as part of the show. You can also request tunes and chat.

Tommy Womack LIVE ONLINE CONCERT on Concert Window!
Friday, tune in to TOMMY WOMACK’S FRIDAY HAPPINESS HOUR on EASTNASHVILLERADIO.COM, when I’ll be playing BRAND NEW SONGS by OTIS GIBBS, BILLY JOE SHAVER and TOM PETTY. 10 AM Central with replays at 1, 4, 7 & 10 PM.


And as you may know by now, GOVERNMENT CHEESE will pulverize eardrums AUGUST 23RD at the MERCY LOUNGE in NASHVILLE and SEPTEMBER 27TH at HEADLINERS in LOUISVILLE. Get your tickets while they’re still there to get! They’re available at and
Succinct enough for ya? Now go out there and make it a great day.

God bless,


Greetings! There is much to tell and I will be succinct in respect to your busy schedule.

GOVERNMENT CHEESE will be at the MERCY LOUNGE in NASHVILLE, SATURDAY AUGUST 23rd and at HEADLINERS in LOUISVILLE, SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 27th. Tickets can be had at their websites. ( and Your attendance will be a big help because the shows are fundraisers for RECORDING A NEW ALBUM with the legendary BRAD JONES producing. Here’s our new edition of BEHIND THE CHEESE.

I am putting on my FIRST EVER INTERNET CONCERT THURSDAY AUGUST 7th at 7:30 PM CENTRAL TIME. You can watch me from the comfort of your home or via your phone or tablet wherever you are. The fee for attending is WHATEVER TOU WANT TO PAY, and through the wonders of technology, I’ll be able to take requests and respond to your comments. Go to this link to reserve your digital seat. 

Tommy Womack LIVE ONLINE CONCERT on Concert Window!

Coming up THIS WEEK. On WEDNESDAY JULY 30th, it’s the TOMMY WOMACK & BILL LLOYD SHOW at the FAMILY WASH in EAST NASHVILLE. ( It’s an electric full band show – Bill and I trading songs back and forth with MIKE VARGO on bass and FENNER CASTNER on drums. 8 PM. – Then, the next night, THURSDAY JULY 31st, it’s the EAST NASHVILLE RADIO BENEFIT at the 5 SPOT. It’s a happy hour show, 6-8PM, featuring the stellar IRENE KELLEY, AMELIA WHITE and me. ( Then SATURDAY AUGUST 2nd I’ll be at the GREEN DRAGON at 26 W. Center St. in MADISONVILLE, KY. 8pm.

DADDY (WILL KIMBROUGH & TOMMY WOMACK) takes wing soon! SATURDAY AUGUST 9th will be a FULL BAND DADDY SHOW at ARTS ON MAIN just up the road in SCOTTSVILLE, KY (?pm) and then SUNDAY AUGUST 10th we’ll be doing a DUO SHOW at NATALIE’S in WORTHINGTON, OH. (

I’ll wrap this up by reminding you that CHEESE CHRONICLES is still available as an E-BOOK on amazon and other digital booksellers for only $2.99, an incredibly low price for all the debauched profanity you can stomach. That’s all for now. I’ll see you at the gig. TW


Tune in for another thrill-packed episode with your favorite 50-ish slop rockers, as they talk about their UPCOMING SHOWS in NASHVILLE (8/23) and LOUISVILLE (9/27). Click on this LINK to immerse yourself in viewing pleasure. We’ve been rehearsing and commiserating and cogitating and we know – we KNOW – that this time, THIS TIME, we’re gonna make it big, and we’re taking you all with us.


Dear friends, 

I will be doing a live webshow on Concert Window, which starts at 8:30pm EDT on August 7. Wherever you are in the world, you can tune in! I’ll be taking requests and answering your questions. You can purchase online tickets on a pay-what-you-want basis starting now at The webshow will not be available after the live broadcast. I hope you can join me! 

- Tommy Womack


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February 4, 2014

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December 5, 2013

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November 20, 2013

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October 5, 2013

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