Yesterday made it one year ago, June 12th 2015, since I had the big wreck. I was going through an intersection on a country road in Kentucky, just south of Elizabethtown. I thought it was a four-way stop, and it very much was not one! A semi truck (moving rather fast) plowed into the right side of my car. (Thank God there was no one sitting there.) BAM! The impact spun my whole car around to where I wound up on the opposite side of the intersection facing the way I came. Suddenly everything was quiet. “What just happened?” An air bag was against my chest and in my face, the windshield was shattered, the wrinkled passenger door was suddenly right next to me, smoky gasses were coming out of the slowly deflating air bags and also from the AC vents, and what I could see of the front of the car was that it was completely destroyed.

Then I wondered if I was bleeding internally, I wondered how much time I had left if such bleeding was the case. People had pulled over and a man was approaching me. I was able to undo my seat belt and open my door. The man was getting near me. “Can you walk?” he asked. Good question. Let’s see. I tried to get out of the car and stand up. Bad move! I fell into the guys arms and was half-carried to a car that had pulled-up behind me. I didn’t know it yet but my right pelvis was shattered in four places. I had a big gash in my left leg right below the knee, and my sternum and ribs were all bruised and some cracked.

My phone had been ejected from the car and wouldn’t be found for a while. I borrowed a phone from the man who helped me to the car I was sitting in sideways with my legs sticking out, and I called Beth. The consensus is that I had gone into shock. I got Beth on the phone, “Sweetie, I’ve been in a car wreck. The car is completely destroyed and I can’t walk, but I don’t want you to worry!” Next thing I knew a paramedic was cutting all my clothes off of me. My beautiful skinny-fit Calvin Klein jeans! My cool Columbia Sportswear shirt Scott Willis gave me! All cut up. They put me on a stretcher and in the back of an ambulance. It would be three days before I went home to Nashville.

I couldn’t walk for a month, learned to love a wheelchair, then I had about six weeks on crutches, then therapy, and I gradually got better. And in the meantime, so much love came down on me and my family that I can’t put words on what a wonderful feeling it was to have so many friends who were so helpful, and generous, and loving. I’m a very lucky guy – lucky to be alive and lucky to have so many good friends. Thank you is not a big enough term, but it’s all I have to work with. Thank you all my friends. You helped me get (almost) fit as a fiddle now. Thank you again.

Much love, Tommy

Always look both ways. Twice.