Hi friend.

Thank you for alighting on my page. There is much news in the whack world of Tommy Glynn Womack. September is full of stuff, such as the Americana Fest, a week-long gathering of the tribes where people like Buddy Miller and Emmylou play. Kinda like SXSW for Americana. And somehow – thrillingly – I received an invitation to play. It came out of nowhere. I don’t even remember applying! Maybe in some chemo haze I filled on the form online, OR they were maybe thinking (a) he’s an amazing artist, or (b) let’s get him before he dies.

September also has a lot of other shows – in Cleveland, several stops in Pennsylvania, Cincinnati (where I’ll share the stage with Jerry Springer, seriously), gigs with Will Kimbrough in Nashville and Atlanta, house concerts in Park City, KY and Arnoldsville, GA, and the Mule Town Music Festival in Columbia, TN.

Aside from gigs, September will feature an exploratory procedure to make sure I’m still cancer-free, work on my new book, which is being edited as we speak, doing all my own self-managerial work (well, not exactly ALL of it, more like SOME of it and then I play guitar.) And I’ll also make an attempt at doing some push-ups in September, I promise.

As always, you can get updates on my video blog, the Monday Morning Cup of Coffee, always linked on this site and my two Facebook pages, the personal one and the fan page. I will work on this blog more and make hot links out of words all over it, but I MUST GO BE SELF-MANAGERIAL right now. OR pick up the guitar. Decisions, decisions.

God bless,

T Wiggy

(that’s my hip hop name, I’m branching out.)