Happy New Year! Welcome to the most unwelcome Monday of 2016. Time to get back on that horse. I know. I don’t want to either. But all we can do is embrace it and git ‘er done.

I’ll be playing EVANSTON, IL at SPACE this coming THURSDAY, JANUARY 7th at 7:30 PM. Space is located at 1245 Chicago Ave. I don’t get up to Chicagoland that often so I hope you in that (rather large) neighborhood, so I hope you’ll come out. The next night, FRIDAY, JANUARY 8th, at 8PM, I’ll be in COBDEN, IL at THE OLD FEED STORE with the legendary WEBB WILDER. The address there is 111 N. Appleknocker, Cobden, IL. And then, this SATURDAY, JANUARY 9th, at 7:30 PM, I’ll be in ST. LOUIS at the KELLY HOUSE CONCERT. For more information about that gig (like, how to get there) email kellyhouseconcert@gmail.com.

NEXT WEEK, JANUARY 13th – 17th, I’ll be at the 30A SONGWRITERS FESTIVAL in SANTA ROSA BEACH, FL. I believe there are still tickets available for this incredible event, which features days on end of some the finest, most renowned songwriters in the world. (And for some reason they let me in too.)

Here’s a reminder that my “NAMASTE” RECORD RELEASE FUNDRAISER is still going on. Thanks a million to all who have donated. I’m closing in on having enough cash to budget for radio and press promo, which is so important if you want to put out a record that people actually hear of. I’m looking forward to a Spring release. A select few who have heard the record are confirming my personal feelings that NAMASTE may be the best solo record I’ve ever done. (It’s hard to believe there have been seven of those buggers. I must be old!)

One of my three New Year’s resolutions is to update tommywomack.com once a week, ideally on Mondays, so check back in next week. Now, go take on that world. It’s a new year and a new day! God bless, Tommy