Well, Daddy made it to #1 on Miles of music dot com’s chart again last week. We seem to drop out, revive, drop out, revive. It’s cool to watch. Thank you Daddy buyers for your patronage. We does appreciate it muchly! Will and I have a Daddy duo gig in Reno Feb. 9th in Reno/Sparks, Nevada, the night before the Todd Snider & the Nervous Wrecks gigs. I’m looking forward to that very much. I’m also looking forward to the Magnolia Fest shows in Florida (with the whole Daddy band) at the end of March.

Exciting news! My online novella, “The Lavender Boys & Elsie” is being made into a play. The two writers making this happen are Walter Williamson in LA and Roger Feldhans from Pomeroy, Iowa. They’re old friends. Roger is a multimedia artist and Walter has made quite a dent in the LA movie scene. He’s a published author and a produced playwright and recently sold his first screenplay, “Osgood Threlfall and the Not-For-Profit Murders.” To further identify him, if you saw the recent Adam Sandler remake of “The Longest Yard”, he played Dandridge, the Warden’s advisor. I’m very exited about this. This will be my second written work produced for the stage, and I’m cheering them on, looking very forward to what they come up with.

I’m e-mailing Todd Smith a picture of Nathan Christmas morning sitting behind the beautiful Ludwig drum kit Santa brought him. He’s turning into quite the little rhythm custodian. He has the right idea. He sat in with the band at the Family Wash week before last and brought the house down. We did “When the Whip Comes Down”, a version of which (in a very distorted, Velvet Undergroundish version) I am sending to Todd as an mp3 and maybe he can put it up on the mp3 page soon. Nathan’s really applied himself, and he’s keeping a decent beat here and there. We jam at home often and both of us have a terrific time doing it.

More exciting news. In June, I go to England. I don’t have a promoter, most of my records aren’t available there, I’ve never been in Mojo, and fuck it, I’m GOING! I have a friend named Paddy who’s a drummer and he’s going to help me out some, and we’ll book what gigs we can. I’ll lose my ass for damn sure, and I don’t care. I’m 43. I’ve wanted to see England for about a quarter century now. I’m going. More on it in the new rant I’ll have up later tonight.

The gigs have been going well. St. Louis and Iowa was great. Evansville’s always a gas. As mentioned, Nathan made an auspicious drumming debut at the Family Wash, and I’m off to Huntsville tomorrow night to rock some Alabamians. Life could be worse. As a matter of fact, it has before. It’s good to have gigs. Gigs and family make life worthwhile.

Look for some mp3s up shortly. I’m going to send them to Todd and I’ll trust him to put them up when he can.

And that’s all the news that is news. I’m going to write a rant now.

Night night,