Greetings! I, Tommy Womack, am 53 years old now, as of 1:30 AM November 20th. If you’re fretting over what to get me, you can CLICK HERE and donate to the record-release crowd-funding effort I’m running to support the release of NAMASTE, the first Tommy Womack solo LP in four years, coming in Spring 2016. I’m looking forward to my annual birthday gig tonight at the Family Wash. (I always have a gig on my birthday. It takes my mind off my hairline.) Coming in the next few weeks, gigs in Nashville at the Bluebird, and gigs in Memphis and Muscle Shoals. Watch this space for further details. And that’s all the news that is news. I could probably think of more, but it’s time to make more coffee, have a shower and traipse around town demanding of total strangers they wish me a happy birthday. Cheers