I’m excited about the fall. I’ve got a good calendar in September, and I’m going up north later next month. (Pennsylvania must be a hotbed for me.)  I’m excited right now for the two gigs coming up in just the next few days. THIS SATURDAY (8/12) I’ll be at the Balsam Mountain Inn, in the hills of Carolina, in-the-round with the two of my heroes: Scott Miller and David Olney. It’ll be great to see them as friends and hear their great songs too. David I see a lot, as for Scott, it’s been too long! I wanna catch up with that mother-scratcher.

The second upcoming gig I’m excited about is me with Lisa Oliver Gray at the lounge at the CITY WINERY NEXT MONDAW (8/14t) which is a special day because it’s my “clean date” if any of you know what that means. We’ll be there up in the lounge to entertain you from 7 to 8:30. Tickets are a mere $5. Where, oh where, can you beat it? I’m really hoping some people show up. It’s a new room for us. Wanna make a good impression.

AND NOW FOR ALL THE SERIOUS NEWS IN SEPTEMBER!!!  I have been invited to be a showcase artist in the AMERICANA MUSIC FESTIVAL next month. I couldn’t be more delighted, nor surprised that they picked me!  Of all people, Me! I don’t even remember applying! MAYBE somebody said I should be in the festival. Bless whoever suggested me. My official showcase is Friday, Sept. 15th at The Cobra (Formerly the Foobar.) at 8 pm.

Also cause for major excitement is an actual Nashville show from the DADDY DUO (WILL KIMBROUGH & TOMMY WOMACK). NOT TO BE MISSED!! THURSDAY, AUGUST 31st. at the Family Wash. Showtime will be let known as soon as we know..

By the way, if I haven’t mentioned it yet, I’ve finished a book (!!!!). Been working on it for years and years. I hope to find an editor soon and go on to the next part of the process of making this available. I’m excited about getting another book out. It’s been 20 years since Cheese Chronicles, and 10 for The Lavender Boys and Elsie. It’s high time.

Well, I have to run. Look for updated tour dates on that page very soon. Catch me on the Monday Morning Cup of Coffee right here on, and catch me every Monday morning at 9 Central for TOMMY WOMACK’S HAPPINESS HOUR on WXNA, which you can listen to it town at 101.5 FM or catch it on the web at

Otherwise, things are fine. I’m writing for the East Nashvillian magazine and that’s going well, and I’m just happy after my Bladder Cancer Springtime that I’m starting to get work again and get all that behind me. I hope you’re enjoying great health and prosperity. SEE YOU IN THE FUNNY PAPERS.



Wednesday, August 9th 2:34 PM