Hello there ladies and gentlemen! Hello ladies and gents! Are ya ready to rock!

My last posting on this site was September of last year! Inexcusable! Bad Tommy!

But there were a couple of contributing factors to my sloth: the first one is that i’m paranoid about my site for some reason I don’t even understand. I’m scared to look at it. On Facebook I kick ass. You’ll hear from me all day long there, but on this site, tommywomack.com, of all sites, I’m scared to keep up with! That’s some sort of bullshit I need to work out on my own. (That Facebook link above is my personal page, where most of the fun happens, but here’s my Facebook fan page for more focus on touring and professional events and suchlike. There are  fan pages for Government Cheese and Daddy as well.) The second factor has been cancer and it’s treatment that has eaten up much of my time since February to the present. Bladder cancer. Two malignant tumors floating around in my urine like sunbathers in inner innertubes. But the doctor got it all and as of about a month ago, I’m cancer-free. I wrote all about it in gory detail for The East Nashvillian. I’M SO GRATEFUL for the love and good wishes I got from so many people, and a couple of benevolent organizations, designed to help out minstrels and other music people, which kept us afloat while I couldn’t gig for long periods of time. Thank you all. Now things are much better.  And I’m getting bookings back on the calendar; from the looks of it, it might be a nice fall with some road work. If you want me to come where you are, email me. tommywomack at bellsouth dot net. It often starts simply like that.

Now here’s the BIG NEWS OF THE MOMENT! 

I HAVE BEEN INVITED TO PERFORM FOR THE AMERICANA FEST. The Americana Music Association always has a festival every September. It’s a great gathering of the tribes for everyone from Steve Earle, Joe Ely and Buddy Miller, all the way down to guys like me. Name an Americana act of note, and they’ve probably played this festival before. Robert Plant’s played there, Richard Thompson, Sam Bush, Kacey Musgraves. A lot of people come into town for this week of great shows. I was completely gobsmacked when the invitation came in the email a couple of weeks ago. I was picked. And here’s thing, I didn’t apply!!!  At least I don’t think I did. But I’m in nonetheless! I don’t know which night or which venue or showtime yet. But you’ll know when I know. I pledge that.

I have completed the fourth and I believe finished draft of a new book, it’s called Say This Life and Let it Be Enough For Once which is a line from a Joe Bolton poem. It’s a memoir, and a prequel and sequel to Cheese Chronicles. In my opinion, it’s going to be worth the wait. Been a long time between these memoirs and there was a lot of ground to cover. I’m going to try and do things right and find somebody in the book biz that might want to put it out, before I just schlep off and do it myself with limited promotion and all that entails. When you’ve been working on a book for 20 years (Seriously), it deserves to come out the right way. If you have any ideas or connections, please tell me.

I have a live album in the can, an acoustic performance with Lisa Oliver Gray recorded at the Free Range House Concert in Zionsville, Indiana, which came out sounding great due to the tech-head auspices of our host and gear enthusiast Bill Staggs, who ran the show with his angelic wife Kimberly. There are also five solo tracks of entirely new songsI recorded at Blackbird Studios a while back. It’s in the mastering stage right now, and then? I don’t know. It’ll come out it when it makes sense to release it. (i. e. when I have the money to put it out.). It’s a good record. I’ve actually listened to it and enjoyed it. (That’s not always a given in my line of work.)

So that’s about all the big stuff I guess when it comes to news. Beth and Nathan are fine. He just turned 19, which is hard to believe. After all that cancer nonsense I’m just now starting feeling normal again. Again, thank you to all of have been so sweet to me and my family. I’m going to make a CONCERTED EFFORT to post on this site more often and give you a reason to visit here. The upcoming gigs on that page are all posted and up to date for the first time in God Knows When. However, we’ve always run the Monday Morning Cup of Coffee and that has always been a way to pass on information to my darling loving public.

Oh! and I have Monday Morning Coffee Cups in stock again. $25 bought off the web. $20 at the gigs.

Take care of yourself, Tommy