Hi friends.

NAMASTE is ALMOST HERE! PRE-ORDER YOURS TODAY!In what may appear to be the longest warm-up in history to an official release date, May 20th is getting nearer and nearer. Here’s how you can pre-order your copy with a guarantee of its arrival on or before the release date. Domestic (United States) orders are $15 dollars (NO SHIPPING CHARGE!). International orders are $22.50. T-SHIRTS are also available! $15 dollars (NO SHIPPING CHARGE!). International orders are $22.50. Here’s how you can order. You can use PayPal to send the money to tommywomack@bellsouth.net, or you can send the money by check or money order to Tommy Womack, PO Box 41954, Nashville, TN 37204 USA. And another final way is to use the same GoFundMe campaign I used to raise the money to finance making the record itself in the first place.

The official record release parties will be at The Basement in Nashville May 20th and my band is stellar: Brad Jones (NAMASTE’s producer) on bass, Ross Rice on keys, Adam Fluher on lead guitar, Justin Amaral on drums, and the incomparable Lisa Oliver Gray on vocals.

The next night, May 21st, I’ll be in my hometown of Madisonville, KY, playing the Green Dragon (http://thecrowdedhouse.co,) with native Clint Combs on drums and none other than my stellar talented son, Nathan Womack; the first full gig that we’ve ever played together. And if you couldn’t guess, I’m psyched about that. I even think he’s excited too, although he’s so taciturn, it’s hard to tell. But boy can he play that guitar.

I hope you’re doing well. I can’t complain. I’m excited about the record coming out. Radio and press promotion will begin in June, and I appreciate your good wishes to make this record a success. Please check out the gigs pages to see where I’m coming to your neck of the woods and be on the lookout for more dates to soon be added to the gigs page. Have a good day and God Bless You and don’t let the bastards get you down.

Your pal,