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A Few Words on Snow, Mortality, and Waterloo Sunset!

Hello from wintry Nashville, Tennessee. We’re getting our first snow of the season. We’re wimps about it here. Things shut down. Nevertheless, I’m playing tonight (1-20-16) at 6 PM at the Five Spot with the legendary JASON RINGENBERG of Jason & the Scorchers....

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Alright Chicago, Cobden, St. Louis!

Happy New Year! Welcome to the most unwelcome Monday of 2016. Time to get back on that horse. I know. I don't want to either. But all we can do is embrace it and git 'er done. I'll be playing EVANSTON, IL at SPACE this coming THURSDAY, JANUARY 7th at 7:30 PM. Space is...

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Webcast Concert Tonight!!!

At 7:30 Central time tonight, tune in at concert for a special Christmas-like show by me with my stalwart and comely cohort LISA OLIVER GRAY! Admission is whatever you want to pay! Thanks to you all for your support, and I hope the holiday...

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“I Almost Died” from the upcoming record, NAMASTE

Click here for my new video. Even as open-book as I have been artistically, there's one incident you've never known about. In February 2007 I collapsed in the Hillsboro Village Shell station after two days of cocaine, no sleep, and no food. I woke up in an ambulance,...

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God Part III

Click here to see a performance of another song from my upcoming album NAMASTE. The record drops next spring, and you can help me put it out. Watch the video to see how. I explain it all. At length!!

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Happy Birthday to Me!

Greetings! I, Tommy Womack, am 53 years old now, as of 1:30 AM November 20th. If you're fretting over what to get me, you can CLICK HERE and donate to the record-release crowd-funding effort I'm running to support the release of NAMASTE, the first Tommy Womack solo LP...

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Help Tommy Release a Record!

Hello there, I hope you'll stop reading this right now and check out my fundraiser page. I have just completed my seventh solo record – NAMASTE – and you can help me put it out. Let me say first that a lot of people have already been kind to me this year because I was...

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HELP TOMMY RELEASE A RECORD (That there be the link to contribute on my Go Fund Me page to facilitate the release (and ultimate incredible success) of my newly recorded record NAMASTE. Here are the deets as they read on the fundraising page, and thank you for...

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