Monday, January 11, 2016. Good Monday morning to ya. I got up early today and nearly spit out my first sip of coffee when it came up on the TV that David Bowie is no longer with us. I was never a huge fan but I did respect him greatly, especially the Ziggy Stardust/Transformer/Mott period. He reinvented himself even better than Dylan. Dylan would just change his voice from album to album, but not so much the instrumentation; Bowie would change everything about himself, taking on  a whole new persona, and he never bombed at it! It always worked. Rest in peace Ziggy, you done good.

I had a terrific three-day stretch on the road. First, on Wednesday, I went halfway to Chicagoland and stayed with the delightful Bill and Kim Staggs in Zionsville outside of Indianapolis. (No way was I going to go all the way from Nashville to Evanston on the day of the show, not unless I wanted to show up for soundcheck a drooling, quivering mass of protoplasm.) We listened to NAMASTE on the peerless Staggs stereo system Thursday morning, and that was a special moment. (I really, really, really like my new record.) – Thursday night was the first of three nights that were off-the-chain good. It was at a terrific venue called SPACE, and, thanks to a popular local opening act, it was pretty full, and I managed to keep most of their fans for my entire set and went down really well. – Friday, I played The Old Feed Store in Cobden, IL, opening for Webb Wilder, and went down really well again! – Then Saturday night was at the Angela Kelly House Concert Series in St. Louis, and whaddya know! A terrific gig was had again. I’m on a roll.

That bodes well for this coming weekend. I’m headed from the frigid environs of the midwest for the more temperate realm of the Florida panhandle for the 30A Songwriters Festival. I’m playing two showcases and also a private VIP dinner with Deana Carter, which definitely qualifies as “nice work when you can get it!”

The NAMASTE RECORD RELEASE FUNDRAISER is creeping closer to my goal. (I just got a really nice donation early this morning.) You can still participate and get the record that date of release (which is tentatively set as March 31st, which will be here before ya know it!) as well as T-shirts, books, a free house concert, and other goodies. Don’t miss the opportunity to get that warm fuzzy feeling you get whenever you give a twitchy loquacious bard a nice piece of money.

I made a New Year’s Resolution to update my website once a week. So far so good. Look for the Tuesday Morning Cup of Coffee tomorrow morning and – if you’re going to 30A – I hope to see you this coming weekend.

God bless and Rest in Peace David Bowie. I hope you’re jamming with Lou right now.